blue triangle is a social care organisation that empowers people to thrive, by delivering solutions in connected communities which focus on the needs of each individual.

Our vision is a country where everyone is able to access person centred support, whenever – and for however long – they need it.

Our foundation is built from love & hope. What we do, we do with and out of love. We appreciate each person’s own circumstances, their journey and the future they want to make for themselves.

We believe in the power of recovery, social renewal and the opportunity to thrive; it doesn’t matter where you come from, but where you’re going

We believe in proactively building and executing models of social care, securing funding, rather than waiting for the next tender opportunity.

We believe in our staff being the champions of change we need, combining their passion and expertise so they can grow and develop in our organisation.

We believe in blue triangle being a sector leader for young people and adults, their biggest supporter and an advocate for solutions that must actually work for every person, not just because the system says it is so.