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53 Beresford Terrace, Ayr,, KA7 2HD
£30,000 - £35,000 per year
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Position Type:
Full Time
37.5 hours per week

This position has expired.

Job description

Job Title:

Branch Manager

Position Type:



Rainbow Services (UK) Ltd


South Ayrshire


(if applicable)



01292 294180

Reports to:

Solid-Line Manager(s)

Care Services Regional Manager Scotland

Dotted Line-Manager(s)

Job Description

Whilst every effort has been made to outline the main duties and responsibilities of the post, it should be remembered that a document such as this does not permit every item to be specified in detail. Broad headings therefore may have been used, in which case all usual associated routines are naturally included in this job description.

Staff should not refuse to undertake duties not specified below but should record additional duties they feel need specific recognition. These will then be considered during supervision and again during annual appraisal.

Job Summary

The Branch Manager role requires candidates that can multi-task, have excellent communication skills and can efficiently delegate duties and work well under pressure. The ideal candidate will have to ensure the delivery of high quality care services consistent with the expectations and preferences of service users and commissioners. They should be professional, polite and attentive whilst also being accurate and should be able to represent the business at a senior level, both internally and externally.

Candidates will be responsible for the managerial overview and day to day control of the branch. They will have to manage business performance and ensure effective strategic planning and management for business growth. They should always be prepared and responsive and willing to meet each challenge directly.

Job Responsibilities

To manage and develop high quality Domiciliary Care Services for the elderly and other vulnerable people with specialized needs. Along with:

· Ensure that effective systems are in place and operating to optimal efficiency to achieve effective handling of all referrals or requests for service enabling response within timescales appropriate to the needs of the service user, referring practitioner and/or the commissioner.

· Ensure that all company policies and the requirements of commissioners and regulators relating to the assessment of service users' needs are complied with fully and consistently.

· Ensure that all service users have a care plan that has been jointly agreed with the service user and the fund provider.

· Ensure that adequate and appropriate systems are in place and operating effectively to ensure that care plans are effectively communicated to care workers and that care workers understand their responsibilities and duties in respect of all service users for whom they will be caring.

· Ensure that the company’s systems, including policies and procedures, designed to effectively manage care delivery and promote quality are fully and consistently implemented.

· Report to Senior Managers any shortcomings or systematic failures that are inimical to the delivery of excellence.

· Ensure that Care Managers make sure effective arrangements are in place to provide advice and support to clients and carers at all times.

· Develop and implement effective strategies to develop the workforce to meet immediate and horizontal workforce requirements, including recruitment and training.

· Ensure that the company’s policies in relation to staff recruitment and selection are implemented identifying to senior managers where refinement of the process is required to ensure compliance with statutory requirements and accepted best practice.

· Contribute to and implement initiatives and strategies to support the retention of staff.

· Be responsible for implementing the company's disciplinary policies and procedures.

· Ensure that staff perform their duties in accordance with the company's policies and procedures and its stated or published quality standards.

· Provide effective leadership direction and support to all staff.

· Ensure that all staff are aware of and understand their responsibilities.

· To ensure that company policies are implemented so that staff are not assigned duties that are inconsistent with their training, experience or competencies.

Quality Improvement

· To actively solicit the views of service users and commissioners on the services provided.

· To implement and develop the company's procedures for assessing the performance of care staff and managers.

· To monitor service compliance with customers' requirements and specifications.

· Investigate thoroughly and rigorously any complaints received in relation to the services provided.

· Ensure that complaints are responded to in accordance with recognised good practice and the company's Complaints Procedure.

· To take effective action to address areas of dissatisfaction, poor performance or failure to meet customers' preferences or expectations.

· To prepare monthly reports for the Operational Support Managers on complaints received and the action taken in response to these.

· Prepare monthly reports on action taken to monitor and improve the quality of services provided in an agreed format.

· To ensure that senior managers are made aware of any significant concerns regarding service quality.

· Implement proactive monitoring of service quality.

· Ensure that services are adequately, effectively and appropriately monitored and audited using the range of tools approved by the Director of Care Services. Develop quality improvement plans to address concerns identified through audit and monitoring activities.

· Co-operate with the Care Inspectorate, Local Authority Commissioners and other auditors examining the service.

· Ensure that Senior Management is notified immediately of major concerns identified either by internal or external auditors, particularly where this is likely to affect referrals, result in legal action or further scrutiny of external agencies or press.

Training and Development of Staff

· Ensure that effective systems are in place to enable the identification of individuals' training needs.

· In liaison with the Trainer and SVQ Assessor develop and review annually the training plan for the service, taking account of existing needs and planned developments.

· In liaison with the Trainer and SVQ Assessor, ensure that effective strategies are in place to meet the identified training needs of staff.

· Assist in the identification of suitable training and education providers able to meet the identified needs of the workforce consistent with the requirements of customers accrediting and regulatory bodies.

· Participate in the provision of training to staff.

· To maintain all staff are SSSC registered as per regulatory requirements.

· Assist the Trainer and SVQ assessor in accessing grants to support staff training and development.

· Ensure that the branch continues to achieve the requirements for Investors in People recognition.

Special instructions

· To undertake the duties of the job in accordance with relevant legislative requirements, including health & safety.

· To respect at all time’s the confidential nature of the company’s work.

· To undertake training as required.

· To maintain an awareness of current instructions issued orally or in writing.

Job Skills, Qualifications & Education Requirements


· Must hold or be working towards an SVQ Level 4 in Health & Social Care/Leadership & Management Award.

· At least 2 year’s managerial experience in a care setting.

· Track record of growing a domiciliary care business.

· Experience and good track record of business relationship management with Public Sector.

· Proven track record in using computerised scheduling systems such as Cold Harbour and CM2000 or similar.


· Proven track record in managing resources

· Proven leadership, interpersonal and communication skills

· Sound and robust ICT skills and knowledge

Additional Requirements

· PVG Membership

· SSSC registration (must be maintained)

· Evidence of ETW in the UK

· Travelling will be required with this position

· Out of Hours working will be required with this position, in line with business requirements

· On-Call availability will be required at the start of the role but this may change and be amended in line with business requirements


Rainbow Services (UK) Ltd reserves the right to alter the content of this job description, after consultation to reflect changes to the job or services provided, without altering the general character or level of responsibility.

The duties described in this job description must be carried out in a manner which promotes equality of opportunity, dignity and due respect for all employees and service users and is consistent with the company’s Equal Opportunities Policy.

Rainbow Services (UK) Ltd is an Equal Opportunities employer and as such our philosophy is to promote a fair and professional working environment for all of our employees.

As an employee you have responsibility for the successful application of our Equal Opportunities Policy:

· By not discriminating in the course of your employment against fellow employees, service users or any other person you come into contact with in the course of your work.

· By not inducing or attempting to induce others to practice unlawful discrimination.

· By challenging and managing any member of staff who demonstrates any form of discriminatory practice. This includes utilising the Company’s Disciplinary Policy.

· By bringing to the attention of management discriminatory acts or practices.

This job description is intended to illustrate the range and scope of the role, it is not an exhaustive or exclusive list of the duties. The post holder may be required to undertake other duties consistent with the levels of opportunity and competency for the post as described above.