We believe that learning should be fun and fun should be learning. Learning happens everywhere, especially in an ever-changing outdoor environment. Our focus is on the children, they are the future and the most important people and they should be treated so. We expect our teams to see learning from the child’s point of view by getting down to their level, only then we will see what they are seeing every day. As adults, we are here to facilitate play and learning opportunities, we will not get in the way of natural learning experiences. We will simply match the curriculum with the children's interests and needs. We want children to learn without even realising they are doing so. Our Aims We aim to be different and provide children with a hands-on approach to learning. By trying and doing, instead of hearing and seeing. We want the children to lead their play and experiences and for us to provide a safe and naturally stimulating environment thus resulting in our children becoming confident, responsible, effective and successful in all they set out to do. We will work in partnership and consult with other professionals, parents and young learners to extend our hands-on learning approach to our staff teams to encourage staff development and training. To acknowledge never-ending improvement through self-evaluation and peer reflection.