One Aberdeenshire Principles

Our One Aberdeenshire project has generated a set of principles to guide colleagues across Aberdeenshire.

More than 600 of our employees contributed to the creation of the new principles which offer a guide as to who we are as Aberdeenshire employees and what we should be aiming for in our daily work. They are being used in our day to day work and in the recruitment process to ensure we recruit only people who have these principles and can apply them to their work.

So what are they?

1. Everyone brings their 'best self' to work every day.

  • We try to do our best every day, going above and beyond when necessary.
  • We treat each other the way we want to be treated.
  • We recognise that leadership and team-working is for everybody.

2. We are clear about what is expected of us and ask for clarity if unsure.

  • We work in our communities, for our communities.
  • We communicate clearly and honestly with each other.
  • Where our work falls below the standards expected we accept the support offered to improve.

3. We take informed decisions as close to the action as possible.

  • We use information and skills to make the right things happen.
  • Our freedom to make sensible decisions is supported.
  • We are involved in making sure we have as few 'rules' as possible and our ways of working are as simple as they can be.

Chief Executive Jim Savege explains: "These have been developed by colleagues across Aberdeenshire to support us all in achieving our best."