Our Approach

We’re in the business of changing lives, developing students into highly employable graduates. We can only achieve this dramatic transformation of lives by attracting, engaging and growing a diverse range of staff from different backgrounds and creating a working, learning and social atmosphere which is inclusive, harmonious and respectful of diversity.

As an employee at RGU, you can expect to be working for an organisation that takes pride in its dedication to equality and its commitment to ensuring that all staff are treated with the upmost respect.

Policy and Legislation

We believe that the most effective way to promote equality and to eradicate discrimination is to mainstream the consideration of equality across its functions, with a single Equality Policy covering all the protected characteristics of the Equality Act 2010.


Equality and Diversity in Practice at RGU


Internal Networks

We have established a number of network groups and programmes to support and encourage staff and to provide opportunities to share ideas to improve outcomes for all groups of staff and students.