<p>At CrossReach our mission is in Christ’s name to retain and regain the highest quality of life that each individual is capable of experiencing at any given time.</p>

<p>To achieve this we provide care and support, of the highest quality, to</p>

<li>Older people</li>
<li>People with dementia</li>
<li>Children and families</li>
<li>Individuals with learning disabilities</li>
<li>The homeless</li>
<li>Individuals with substance misuse problems</li>
<li>Counselling and support</li>
<li>People with mental health problems</li>
<li>Individuals affected by the criminal justice system.</li>

<p>With a strong reputation for innovation, we are developing pioneering new initiatives across all service areas as we commission and take part in groundbreaking research projects.</p>