Living in Midlothian

Focus on Midlothian

Less than 10 miles south of Edinburgh City Centre and with a population of around 80000 people, Midlothian is an area of contrasts, steeped in history, with its diverse historical buildings and picturesque mining villages, yet evolving with the century in attracting new developments, both residential and commercial.

It’s a mix of rich farmland and bustling towns, where agriculture and industry are thriving. The area has strong transport links with an excellent network of public transportation.

Midlothian has commenced a period of unprecedented growth and offers more choice, value and opportunity than ever before. As our community grows and changes so too do our services.

Schools are being renewed, community facilities improved and town centres redeveloped. Our public services are driving long term improvements in the area’s economy and environment as well as the community’s health and education.