Coalfield Community Transport (CCT) is a non-profit distributing company and a recognised Scottish Charity wholly owned by the Coalfield Communities Federation.

The origins of the initiative lie in a People's Jury held in June 2000 in the Coalfield Area of East Ayrshire to identify ways in which people within the community could be encouraged to play a more active role. The report highlighted infrequent and inaccessible transport as a major barrier to participation in a wide range of areas including the economic, social and cultural regeneration of the area.

CCT was launched in May 2002 and aims to provide affordable and accessible transport solutions for community and voluntary groups and vulnerable individuals in the Coalfield Area, enabling them to participate in community activities. In addition, it works to improve access to services and jobs.

Coalfield Community Transport does not provide services to the general public. To use our services you must become a member.