Our Values are Community and Play.

Our Vision is to meet the challenges of a changing world. To continue to provide a valued space for its community where families can bring their young children to play.

Our team of professional, caring and supportive Early Years Practitioners offer a wide variety of activities for children to play, experience life outside their home, and make friends.

The children follow their interests and and form relationships. The staff ensure that the space is interesting, challenging, safe, musical and varied. A space in which the real and the imaginary can be explored, and risks chosen and taken without danger.

We are administered by a committee of parents who employ Early Learning and Childcare professionals to provide a high-quality space for the children. All parents are expected to play a proactive role in achieving this.

Holy Corner Community Playgroup has been running for more than forty five years, and yet is committed to up-to-date concepts of childhood, children’s rights and integrity, the value of play, and engagement with reality and the environment.

Children can be enrolled from their 2nd birthday and they are eligible to start at playgroup when they are 2.5 years old. We have capacity for 24 children and offer children 5 sessions a week.

We operate as an Edinburgh Council Partner Provider playgroup, which means that from the term after your child’s third birthday they are eligible for a council grant which covers their termly playgroup fee.

Our website: https://holycorner.org

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