Shetland Islands Council

Living on the Shetland Islands

Embrace all that life has to offer

Life in Shetland offers many advantages – great education, a wide range of housing, one of the lowest rates of Council Tax in the country and first-class health provision.

It's a warm and friendly place where you'll instantly feel at home. And whatever your interests, from fireworks to football, you'll find that they're catered for. Shetland is also a safe and lively place to raise a family, and children here can enjoy far more freedom than their mainland peers.

In terms of education there's everything here from pre-school to degree level study. Schools are well equipped and many have smaller than average class sizes, especially in rural areas.

Health care is also good and facilities include a well-equipped, 52-bed hospital, as well as a full range of GP, dentist and optician services.

When it comes to housing you'll find everything from converted crofts to new-build bungalows. Prices vary and are generally higher in the Lerwick area.

Shetland is well connected to the rest of the United Kingdom, and island residents receive substantial discounts on air and ferry services. Within Shetland, excellent roads and the Council-operated ferry and bus network mean getting around is easier than you may expect.

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