Regius School was established over thirty years ago, initially, as a church school enrolling the children of church members.
The school role fluctuated between eight or nine to eighteen or nineteen children from Primary 1 to Primary 7. The school was situated in King's Buildings in South Clerk Street at that time.
Ten, or so, years ago the school moved to a purpose designed space in Wellsprings, 69a Whitehill Street, Newcraighall, Musselburgh EH21 8QZ, where we now reside. The school has doubled in size and has changed considerably, culturally.
Now, there are no children on the school role from the originating church. Whilst many children are from Christian families of many denominations, part of the school role is populated by children from families of no faith and we have had, and continue to welcome, children of other faiths. These families share our ethos of 'love, honour and respect' first and foremost.
We teach in small groups of 5-6 children to 1 teacher/teaching assistant; e.g. during English and Maths lessons we often have six teaching/support staff to 35 children from P1 - P7. Many families are attracted by this level of support. Additionally, we teach the same Curriculum for Excellence as other schools not a specifically Christian syllabus.