Mental Health Aberdeen was established in 1950 to help meet the mental health needs and improve the mental wellbeing of the people in the North East of Scotland by providing effective, accessible services as well as promoting mental health to all.

Our Values:

·        To recognise that every individual has the right to receive the help they need to recover from mental ill-health

·        To encourage wellbeing and recovery

·        To treat every individual, whether they are staff, volunteer or client, with respect and dignity

·        To promote equality and inclusion

·        To empower people

·        To be client led and flexible

·        To be accountable to our members, staff, volunteers, clients, funders and wider public

·        To involve staff, volunteers and clients in helping shape our services

To that end MHA delivers counselling to adults and young people, counselling training to volunteers and staff and a variety of general as well as bespoke mental health training to the public and corporate sector.