We’re here because social research has the power to make life betterScotCen is an integral part of NatCen Social Research, Britain’s leading centre for independent social research.

Based in Edinburgh, we have decades of experience of listening to the public and making sure their voice is heard.

Our research helps government and charities in Scotland make the right decisions about the big issues.

Our reputation for delivering high quality, relevant research is based on our policy expertise, and the breadth and depth of our team of survey methodologists, data analysts and expert quantitative and qualitative researchers.

But doing high quality research isn’t enough - we’re also passionate about ensuring that our work has the widest possible impact .

And as a non profit organisation we are never compromised by commercial or political agendas.

We ask the right questions, of the right people, in the right way

Social research needs careful and sensitive interviewing and our survey interviewers are the very best at what they do. We also have a team of nurse interviewers who are able to collect clinical data.

Social research relies on giving everybody a voice, and that means finding ways of engaging challenging or under-represented groups. We are leaders in this field - you can find out more about our approach and innovative methods here.

We set the standard and are proud to share our knowledge and best practice

It’s part of our mission to boost the quality of social research in the UK. 

We hold events in Edinburgh and elsewhere in Scotland to share the work of ScotCen with the wider policy and research community.

And working with NatCen Learning - the leading provider of high-quality research courses and seminars - we deliver practical insights to the wider research and policy community.