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UPDATE: 1146

11.46: Previous issues with making applications has now been fixed.

After a version update last night, it appeared that there was in issue with the code, which affected the validation of questions. This was then causing a loop effect when submitting. Sorry for the inconvenience.


10.46: Our system provider has identified the issue and we hope for a resolution as soon as possible. No timeframe has been confirmed as yet.



31st March - Application Form Looping & Not Able To Submit

When trying to submit an application the form is looping back to the start and is not allowing the action to be completed. We have raised this with our system provider in order to get a resolution. So in the meantime we have disabled the ability to apply for positions since no application can be submitted, and populated data isn't storing correctly which can result in losing data when the form is looping. Apologies for any inconvenience.



18th March - Relocation of Server

Website down from 5am - 5pm due to the relocation of our server.


3rd March - Scheduled Maintenance

Website down 8.30am - 10.15pm to prepare for our new version of the myjobscotland website.


19th February - Scheduled Maintenance

Website down 4pm - 5pm for essential site maintenance.


30th November - Unexpected Downtime

Website down 13.30 until 14.30 due to unexpected to software update on server. Front End developers resolved the issue.


21st October - Scheduled Maintenance

Our system provider will be carrying out scheduled maintenance on Friday 21st October between 9pm - 10pm. The website will be unavailable during this timeframe. We should be back online at 10.05pm.


26th September - Problems with the Data Centre

This problem was identified by our service provider at 5.11am this morning. We are awaiting a timeframe for resolution. In the meantime you can search for jobs, but cannot apply for jobs, view your previous applications etc.

1650: The latest news is that CenturyLink who run the Data Centre where the system's servers are based, have resolved the earlier hardware issues. However, after replacing these switches and routers, a new issue has been identified between our servers and the database used to supply the system with content. Their engineers along with our Software suppliers will be working through the night if need be to resolve this as soon as possible, but we do not have any clear timescale as yet.

1830: Site back up and running again. Sorry for all the inconvenience caused.


12th September - Problems with Activation and Password Reset emails.

These problems have been identified as a DNS issue with new servers that have been put in place in anticipation of the Firefighter Campaign that starts 13/09/2016. This should now be resolved.

9th September - Problems with Activation and Password Reset emails.

There are issues with emails from myjobscotland taking longer to appear in a candidate's mailbox than they should. Some emails are being reported to not arrive at all.



26th August - Problems Viewing Previous Applications (FIXED)

There are still issues with downloading submitted applications. Our developers are working on a short term solution as well as a long term fix.

24th August 3.55pm - Problems Viewing Previous Applications 

When viewing previous applications, there is a “Problem Downloading File” error.  



27th August - Planned website maintenance (COMPLETED)

Our system provider will be carrying out some maintenance work from 6am - 10am. The website will be unavailable during this timeframe. We should be back online at 10am.


6th July - Planned website maintenance

Our web developers will be carrying out some brief maintenance work at 4pm today. We should be back online by approximately 4.30pm.


25th June - Planned network maintenance

Our system provider will be carrying out planned network maintenance on Saturday 25th June between 00:00 and 12:00. As a result you may experience reduced performance of the system for short periods during this time. It is advisable to avoid accessing the site during this timeframe if possible.



13/14th June - Viewing Previous Applications (FIXED)

14/06 1030: Fix now in place

13/06 1530: When trying to view previous applications this error appears:

"There was a problem downloading this file: Internal Server Error"

Whilst this appears to be similar to the issue we experienced 10 days ago, it's slightly different in the sense that we are unable to deliver the application form the application server at all.

Software supplier has been informed.


3rd June 2016 - Viewing Previous Applications (FIXED)

1425: Temporary fix now in place, and is working. Sorry for any incovenience this may have caused

1225: Temporary fix development is still on track so you will be able to see your previous applications. The only impace of this is that this may slow down the performance of that page until the permanent fix is loaded onto production server as a hot fix on Monday evening (6th June).

1025: Following on from the problems being experienced yesterday in viewing applications, a fix was put in place at 4pm yesterday (2nd June). However by 7pm the number of requests being made to the applicant tracking system became quite high resulting in a 'QPS Limit Exceeded' error message being shown in some cases. We have since been given a fix by the software supplier. The date for deployment is Tuesday 7th June for this permanent fix. In the meantime, our web developer will be working on a temporary fix which will mean by this afternoon (3rd June) candidates should be able to see previous applications without any error messages.