Security Patches

Monthly Core and Module secuirty patches.

Applying security patches to the platform. Approx downtime 1hr.

Security patches deployed successfully and website back online.


Scheduled Downtime - Saturday 25th May

Due to some changes in the storage locations by our recruitment software provider, users will be unable to apply for jobs throughout Saturday 25th May. Whilst this should only take part of the day, we should be running as normal later in the evening.

Scheduled downtime to begin.

Applications on the site have now been suspended to accomodate database changes.

Work completed. Site re-tested and now accepting applications.


Issues with uploading documents

Please note that there is currently an issue with the document upload facility with certain application forms. Our developers are working on this at the moment. We’re sorry for the inconvenience that this has caused.

RGU applicants, please "re-apply" through the front advert in order to submit without a CV then read your submission received email for further information. Our developers are aware of the issue and are working with our suppliers to resolve these issues. Apologies for the inconvenience.

The issues with uploading documents should now be resolved. If you were previously having problems with this, please try again.


Emails to Microsoft email addresses labelled as spam.

02/10/2018-10:40am Over the past few days Microsoft has been labelling some of our emails as spam. This issue has now been resolved but we will be resending activation emails to Hotmail and Outlook email addresses. These should arrive over the next 24 hours.


Issue with maps

There is an issue with the maps on the adverts. This issue is under investigation.

This cause of this issue has been identified and a fix is being implemented.


Migration to AWS

Our service provider has informed us that the migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS) is scheduled to take place on Saturday 7th April between 6am - 9pm (15hrs). During this time core functions on the website will be unavailable i.e. access/activation of accounts, access to start/complete/submit applications etc.

The move to AWS will increase the security and encryption of your data, reduce outages experienced over the past year, and get us ready for GDPR.


System Downtime

The myjobscotland website will be down for around 1 hour from 4pm - 5pm on Wednesday 13th September so our web team can take a back-up of the site and perform core maintenance. Sorry for the inconvenience. (Edit 12.09.2017 09:30 - Downtime is more likely to be 1 hour than 30 mins).

The site is now back online.


Applications not displaying to candidates

Thursday 20th July - 11.26 There are current issues that are preventing candidates from accessing their applications (incomplete and submitted etc) via the My Account section. This has been raised with our suppliers as a critical case so until this has ben resolved we have disabled the application side of the website. You will only be able to view and search for jobs but won't be able to apply. No timeframe for resolution has been provided as yet.

These issues should now be resolved


Unplanned Downtime

Our suppliers have identified system issues with our e-recruitment system. Another outage at the data centre.

The emergency work has been carried out and the system is now stable and performing at normal speeds. Friday 10th July - 14.00 These issues have been fully resolved.


Unplanned Downtime

Friday 7th July - 10.15 Our suppliers have identified system issues with our e-recruitment system. This was caused by an outage at the data centre.

Friday 7th July - 12.15 These issues have been fully resolved. The emergency work has been carried out and the system is now stable and performing at normal speeds.