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Angus Council

Welcome to Angus

When it comes to vision we've got it. In abundance.

We aim to deliver, to improve and to make a positive impact on the people we serve. To achieve this, we recently set out our five-year vision for Angus with many exciting initiatives to take forward our ambitions for the county.


As the organisation trusted with delivering essential services to the local community, we're already committed to creating a first-class quality of life for the local population. And we're just as determined to realise our vision of creating a dynamic, outward looking area that makes a real and positive contribution to the culture and economy not just of our area, but of Scotland as a whole.


It's a pretty big vision. But we're confident that with the right team we can realise it. Do you share our confidence and energy? If so, take a look at what's on offer in Angus.


Vision: it's something we share.