Welcome to Dundee

If you are looking for a job at Dundee City Council then you have arrived at the right place. This site will tell you what you need to know about living and working here.

If you think you know about Dundee already, now may be the time to think again. It's an excellent place to live and work, blending as it does the best of big city and small town living. As you might expect the council area is mostly urban, but with a number of surprising and interesting green spaces dotted in between.

Dundee has changed much in the past two decades, but we're still not quite where we want to be. The city has a rich past, shaped by industries including ship building, jute spinning and manufacturing, some of which are now celebrated in our heritage-based tourist attractions, RRS Discovery and Verdant Works.

Nestling on the north bank of the Estuary waters of the River Tay, the harbour area to which whaling ships once returned with their hard-fought bounties, is now the scene of new housing and retail development, linked to a massive project reconnecting the city centre with its magnificent waterfront.

That project and the council's strategic ambition to build on the new knowledge-based economy of the city, which counts biotechnologists and computer games creators amongst its leading lights, captures the challenge and purpose on offer in Dundee. If you think you can share those ambitions and raise your standards to meet those challenges, Dundee is the place for you.

We're working towards improving prosperity and inclusion for all of our citizens, delivering better and more efficient services and making Dundee a 21st century city to be proud of.

If you see yourself working towards these goals with us, we want to hear from you.

Greg Colgan, Chief Executive