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In East Ayrshire, we’re on a mission.

We’ve committed to delivering all we can to the people of East Ayrshire, to fully realise our area's potential.

Our communities are strong, safe and vibrant, benefitting from high quality services which are accessible, sustainable and fully focused on people’s needs.

East Ayrshire is a place where everyone has access to opportunities and choices to help them enjoy a high quality of life.

But we want to do more and education is at the heart of our plans.

Building for the future

Almost half of our Capital Investment Programme (£500m) is dedicated to building new schools, modernising buildings and delivering an educational infrastructure dedicated to learning excellence.

Ours is a future where all children and young people have the best possible start in life, an education that fires their imagination, supports their ambition, inspiring them to succeed - and for this momentum to follow them into education, employment and life.

Building the team

We’re transforming our Education Management structure with a renewed focus on raising attainment and closing the attainment gap, particularly for vulnerable and looked after children and young people.

The new structure signals a move towards collective leadership within our learning communities, where everyone takes responsibility for creating caring and supportive environments to help our young people achieve their true potential.

We are recruiting outstanding leaders to complete our team and to help deliver these aims.

Share our vision

Leaders for change:

We offer careers for talented, aspirational and driven leaders who can influence the development and implementation of policy and who are dedicated to making their mark.

Focusing your efforts on positive outcomes for our learners, you’ll be shaping the future for the next generation and beyond.

Your skills and innovative talents will be crucial in helping us develop an exciting and new approach to the management and leadership of education services within East Ayrshire.

Teachers for the future:

At East Ayrshire we recognise teachers are key in effecting change within the classroom and are our most valuable resource. 

We welcome applications from effective teachers who are committed to teaching for the future and equipping pupils with the necessary skills for learning, life and work.

Want to know more?

Whether you are interested in leadership opportunities or teaching appointments, you can apply for our current vacancies by selecting on our ‘vacancies’ tab or via this link: 


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