Welcome to Moray

The place to make a difference

Some career moves make a difference to your CV. Some make a difference to your life.

But very few have the potential to make a difference to over 85,000 people.

Unless, of course, you join us.

Moray Council is responsible not just for improving life in the area; we're also committed to making a real difference to the lives of those we serve at all levels. From providing homes and educating the next generation to emptying the bins and lighting the streets, we make a real contribution to the lives of those we work for.

It's challenging, diverse and rewarding work, where your experience, commitment and talent can make a real difference to something even more valuable than your CV.

So if you're ready for a different sort of career move, explore the opportunities to join us and get ready to do something different today.


Covid 19 Update

Moray Council will only be progressing recruitment for critical service areas during the COVID-19 pandemic. All other recruitment for non-essential posts will be paused until such time as we will be better able to assess the council’s requirements in the post-pandemic environment.